The first three years of life: Walking, Speaking and Thinking

During the first three years of his earthly life man acquires those faculties that enable him to become human being.
In the first year, he learns to walk, during the second he acquires speech and during the third, he experiences the awakening of thought.
The acquisition of the three fundamental human faculties, also called soul faculties, is an act of grace that is conferred to every human being. It is a kind of threefold miracle that it is more than instinct, more than adaptation and more than the unfolding of inherited faculties.


The process of learning to walk proceeds according to a definitely ordered sequence that starts at the head and neck and gradually extends downward to the chest, arms, back and finally to the legs and feet.


Babies learn to speak months after they begin to understand language. As they are learning to talk, they babble, repeating the same syllable (“da-da-da”) or combining syllables into a string (“da-do-da-do”).


In infancy, motion and sensory information is the whole of the child’s thinking capacity. Babies do not engage in rational thought, neither do they have any conception of time.

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