Emmi Pikler

” The seed of natural development is in every living being; be it plant, animal or human it does not need to be helped to develop “

Charlotte Selver ( Foreword of Emmi Pikler Bulletin)

Emmi Pickler, hungarian pediatrician (1902-1984), proved that teaching a baby something she could learn by herself was not only unnecessary but harmful, depriving the beginning being of experimenting independently as well as the delight of reaching a goal.

Her vision of a healthy infant was an active, competent and peaceful infant, who lives in peace with himself and his environment. She would visit infants and families weekly, discuss with the parents how to promote their development, based on their view of the child and her own observations, and provide guidance to mothers about upbringing practices and how to create an optimal facilitating environment for their infant.

After the Second World War, Budapest was faced with the challenge of caring for many parentless infants. In 1946, Emmi Pikler initiated the creation of a nursery home in Budapest in an abandoned house in Lóczy Lajos Street. Since then, the house never closed and became known as Lóczy.

For 32 years, Emmi Pickler was the director of Loczy which today was renamed in her honor: The Emmi Pickler National Institute. The fundamental ideas on which this home was founded was her trust in the inherent ability of the child and in the believe that when adult intervenes in a child movement and play there is a disturbance of his natural autonomy.

Emmi Pikler always doubted that infants needed adult intervention and stimulation or that adult intervention speeded up a child’s development, by the contrary she helped parents over the years, to learn to trust in the infant’s ability and to respect the path and rhythm of his development. As a pediatrician, Emmi Pinkler made regular visits to families with small children not only when the children were sick. lt was her goal to support the entire family in its every day existence.

This short film is a collection of clips following children at The Emmi Pikler National Lóczy Institute as they play, rest, problem solve and eat.