Chopping Vegetables Songs


Choppity chop!

Choppity chop, Choppity chop,

Cut off the bottom, Cut off the top

What there is left, We’ll put in the pot

Choppity, Choppity, chop!


Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup, vegetable soup

We need fresh veggies to make vegetable soup!

Hello Mr. Celery you have a big heart, we’ll put you in first to give our soup a big start, oh…

Hello Mrs Carrot, you’re so big and round, we had to pull you hard to get you out of the ground, oh…

Hello Mrs Potatoe, we dig you we do, then we have to wash all the dirt off of you, oh…

Hello Mrs Onion,  we’ll hang you to dry, and when we cut you up you’ll make us cry, oh…

Hello Mrs Peapod, right off your vine, the little peas inside of you taste so very fine, oh…

Hello Mr Corn Stalk, you’ve grown so tall, when we pull off your husk there’s corn for all! oh..

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