Vegetable and Pearl Barley Soup

This could be your community snack at school or at home.

Olive Oil

2 Large Onions

10 cloves garlic

2 Vegetable boullions

Vegetables brought by the children ( I always add spinach leaves, rich in iron )

1 1/2 cup of Pearl Barley


1-2 tsp Tamari Sauce ( for seasoning )



In the bottom of a large soup pot, sauté the chopped onions, and the garlics in olive oil for a minute. Add the bouillions, mash the cubes and stir.

With the children’s help, start to chop the vegetables. Set a chopping station, with cutting boards, peelers and small knives for each child and three bowls: whole veggies, cut veggies and remains. You can prepare a few veggies for the children: cut into 2 inches long stripes of veggies.

Saute the chopped vegetables and the barley in the oil for a couple of minutes.

Add water to cover vegetables and bring to a boil.

Simmer over medium heat and check for seasonings. If it would be necessary, just add Tamari Sauce. Cook until barley is tender.

Enjoy it!




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