A grain of wheat

Deep within the dark cold earth , a seed was peacefully sleeping.

Blanketed by the soft soil and a fine layer of snow, the seed slept on and on. Until one day it felt a little tickle on its seed coat , a warm little tickle. It began to wake up and ever so slowly it stretched and swelled and stretched and swelled and eventually began to slip out  of its old seed coat. Then it could hear the call of spring, the most beautiful music coming from far, far away. Perhaps was the pitter-patter of warm rain falling upon the earth or the dancing movements of the stars in the heavens, which humans no longer hear, but plants still can. The seed was delighted to hear it and swelled with eagerness to grow into a plant.

Now the seed was truly awake. Slipping out of its seed coat, it pushed it roots deep into the earth. When it had a firm footing, the seed forced itself through the soil, right up into the daylight where it opened its first tender green leaf. It was a small start, but soon it sent out another leaf and another. Day after day, leaf after leaf, it grew straight up towards the sun. With each day it grew bigger and stronger. It stretched ever higher to reach the sun’s golden glow.

But try as it may, the plant could not reach all the way to the sun, so it decided to make him a special gift instead. Its very own seeds. These were the richest treasures that the plant could make and it offered them to the sun. The sun was so grateful to receive these seeds that it shone even more brightly. 

And when at last summer passed into autumn, the plant gave these seeds to the earth for safe keeping until the next spring. And so they lay sleeping, deep within the dark cold earth, until the next call of spring should awaken them from their long, long nap. 

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