Bread Songs and Verses


Blow, Wind! Blow!

Blow wind blow, and go mill go
that the miller may grind his corn
and the baker may take it
and into bread make it
and bring us a loaf in the morn
and bring us a loaf in the morn

Listen to the song:  Blow Wind Blow!


The Dough Song

We mix the dough
We knead the dough
We let it rise…
We punch the dough
And pat the dough
It grows before our eyes…
Hot, brown loaf
From a little ball
It rises up
to feed us all.

Listen to the song:  Dough Song


Pat-a- Cake  (Adapted Version)

Pat a bread, pat a bread, baker’s child
Bake me a bread as fast as you can
You pat it
And roll it
And mark it with B
And put in the oven for baby and me.

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Kneading Song

We’re kneading the bread dough.
We’re kneading the bread
Bread from the wheat fields so golden and ripe.
Flour,   yeast, salt and the water of life.
We’re kneading the bread dough.
We ’re kneading the bread.

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Before the flour, the mill

Before the mill, the grain
The sun, the earth, the rain
The beauty of God’s will.


The farmer gave us golden grain, for us to grind and grind

Now it’s flour brown and white, soft and very fine.
Add the water, yeast and honey, mix it with our hands.
When it’s soft and not too runny, let it stand and stand.
Shape the dough into a loaf, put in to cook.
When it’s crusty, crisp and brown, we will have a look


Farmer is the harvest ready, for we must have bread?

Go and look at all my fields, is what the farmer said.
So we ran and saw the wheat, standing straight and tall.
There’s your wheat, have no fear at all.
Miller, is the flour ready, for we must have bread?
Go and look in all my sacks, is what the miller said.
So we ran and saw the flour, soft and white as snow.
There’s your flour, as we turned to go.
Mother, is the oven ready, for we must have bread?
Go and open wide the door, is what our mother said.
So we ran and saw the loaves, crisp and brown to see.
There’s your bread, ready for you to eat.





One thought on “Bread Songs and Verses

  1. Before the bread is the snowy white flour;
    Before the flour the mill.
    Before the mill is the golden grain,
    The sun, the shower, and the Father’s will.

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