The Eastern Garden


One of the most suitable and striking images for the transformation of death and resurrection is that of the seed of grain. Thus it is a wonderful activity to sow seeds with the children in the time before Easter. Waiting for the seeds to sprout brings a wonderful sense of anticipation and gratitude for the miracle of growth.

Summer wheat grows two to three inches high within a week. We fill a clay bowl with crumbled earth and on top we add a layer of sifted earth, which we pat gently by hand.

Now we start the sowing, laying the seeds as much as we like. We cover the seeds with a very thin layer of fine earth and now they rest in place

Just before we place the little garden on the window sill, we let it “rain”, watering them gently with the laundry sprinkler. If the garden are kept moist daily, the first green tips will already show themselves after three to five days.

The evening before Easter, we put our garden in the garden, the balcony, or on the table, ready for the Easter rabbit.

After Easter our garden as returned to nature and do not end up in the garbage pail. Thus we plant them in the garden or park.

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