It is crucial to bring meaning to our work with children, so always is very helpful to bring images from nature, that speak by themselves. Silkworms are the image of life springing out of apparent stillness (death), as well as transformation. They are special since they undergo complete metamorphosis, changing from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis to beautiful butterfly.

They lie still and quiet for several weeks as eggs. These must be stored in the refrigerator and when they hatch are the size of an eyelash. As soon as they eat and eat the mulberry leaves, they turn green and as large as your finger. The children are able to watch them spin the silk into cocoons and once again seem to die ( or become very still ) until they hatch as moths. After a few weeks of laying their eggs, the moth will die as well, leaving us once more with the very still and quiet eggs within which lies new life.

I used the Live Butterfly Garden Hatching Kit. You order the kit online and you may expect to receive them within 1 to 3 weeks of ordering. You must be available to open the package containing your caterpillars immediately upon receipt. Your caterpillars will not survive unattended in a hot mailbox or warehouse. They will arrive with all the food and moisture they need to grow into butterflies.

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