Blown eggs


– First, find a really large branch and anchor it firmly in a heavy plant pot full of earth. Any branch which is just beginning to sprout young green leaves is beautiful. Pussy willows, forsythia or flowering cherry are lovely options.

– Soak the eggs overnight in a solution of vinegar and water.

– Make a tiny hole at both sides of the egg with a needle, blow slowly and steadily from one side, until the yolk emerges from the opposite side.

– Rinse under cool water and dry them carefully with a paper towel.

– They may be simply painted with ordinary water-color paint or they may be dyed with coloring food ( same technique that we use for dyed hard boiled eggs )

– You may decorate them with tiny beads, dried flowers, laces, etc. glued on them as well as added color.

– When they are already painted, dyed or decorated you pass through the tiny hole a threaded niddle  and you hang them with pretty ribbon or wool from your Easter tree.

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