May Pole Dance

“Here’s a branch of snowy may,
A branch the fairies gave me.
Who would like to dance today
With the branch the fairies gave me?

Dance away, dance away.
Holding high the branch of may.

Dance away, dance away.
Holding high the branch of may.”

Before starting with the dancing, children and adults have traditionally worn flowers when dancing around the Maypole. A single blossom in the hair or an actual “May Crown” or wreath of flowers for the head symbolize the full arrival of spring and new growth.

All dances begin by honoring the May pole with the boys bowing and the girls gesturing with a curtsey. Then each honor one’s partner. For a simple dance, the boys and girls weave the ribbons in a simple over and under pattern.

To unwind, the children turn and face the other direction and undo the braid they created. All dances end by honoring first one’s partner and then the May pole as one did at the outset of the dance.

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