Egg Hunt

The Egg hunt is an archetype of the search for something of value that is hidden from ordinary sight. It is an expression, in a playful form, of this search for the meaning of the mystery of new life emerging from its dark, hidden place. At Easter time, that could signifies the renewing force of spirit that lies behind the blooming growth of nature, that lies inside us waiting for a rebirth.

Well planned and organized, the Easter Egg Hunt is a lovely activity for family and friends. If you live in a city or have no garden, you may wish to team up with several others for an outing to either the park or common land in your area. A group of adults will be the “hares”  and secretely hide the eggs well, so that they need truly looking for. Use both, hard-boiled dyed eggs and chocolate ones wrapped in pretty paper. Also, you can use half-egg shells to make containers for tinier chocolate or jelly beans eggs.

Each child participating will need a container, ideally an Easter basket which he or she could make or decorate beforehand. The children mustn’t begin looking until everyone is ready to start at the same time. Eggs may be behind bushes, amid clumps of daffodils, up in the forks of tree branches, in high grass or somewhere in a rose bush. The fun is in the finding them, as much as in enjoying them later.
It can be some rules, depending on how many eggs the “hares” hidden. You can say, for example, when a child already found 4 or 5 eggs, it is time to give the next one to another child.

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