My Waldorf Journey began 10 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I am from.

At the time, my daughters were in a bilingual private school, two in the grades and one in the preschool, and in total we already had 6 years of experience since we stepped in a school for the first time. Six years is a long time, if one considers the amount of moments and experiences a family shares with a school and its community. Our first conclusion was that there was nothing specifically wrong, but that there was something essential, something that we could not even put a word to, that was missing.

Our daughters spent more active hours at school, than at home ( if we considered the school hours were 7:40 to 4:30 PM and 8 pm their bedtime ). Recognizing this was enough to begin wondering if this was what was best for us. What did we consider truly important for our 9 years old twin daughters and our little one of 3, to learn in all those hours outside of the house? What type of education were our daughters receiving at such an important moment of their lives? What type of experiences and memories would imprint their hearts forever?


Argentina is a very traditional and conservative country when it comes to its educational politics, so in our search to find something different we realized we couldn’t count on many alternatives. Throughout all those years, we shared these questions with friends, family, teachers, education consultants, etc., but we didn’t receive any response that could guide us in some direction.  We started to understand that we had a problem, that wouldn’t be solved easily.

That year-school ended and we realized that we didn’t want to re enroll them. We didn’t want to take once again what we already knew it wasn’t right for our family. And at that moment, an incredibly powerful force struck our soul. A force that today I believe is called honesty. A honesty that at first filled us with fear and made us feel very alone, but that at the same time activated us and filled us with hope. It was an extreme situation where we were forced to choose between doing everything possible to find our responses, or resigning to live our lives with the sensation that something wasn’t right. It was now or never.

And that’s how, on a hot summer day, with three weeks left to begin the new school year, we left our comfortable life in Argentina and left for the United States. My husband had a possibility for work papers and with our savings we would be able to live for some time. Some time went by, and that is how with some destiny and some research, my three daughters began attending the Waldorf school in California.

And here it happened again. There wasn’t a specific thing we didn’t like, rather that since the first day we felt an abundance and joy like never before with a school. It was like being at home, but with a bigger family! The school became a lot more than just a school, in the sense that we had previously known. In a very short time, the school transformed into our home, our family, our community, and our place of growth. We have grown as a family, as parents, and as individuals. Now, the hours that our daughters were spending a school were purely fulfillment and purposed. Naturally, this made me more committed every day with everything that the school offered, and in this way, through an intense and transforming journey, I ended up graduating from the Waldorf Teacher Training program and working three wonderful years in the Early Childhood as a teacher assistant.

Today I feel an immense gratitude towards everything I have lived and learned in these past years. I have found answers to many of the questions I had in the past, and my whole life is constantly being nurtured in ways I never thought possible. The amount of people and circumstances that have transformed by life is endless, and they have helped me become the mother, teacher, wife, and person I am today.


And it is from that gratitude that this website, MyWaldorfJourney, is born. It is basically a compilation of all the study material and personal experience that I’ve acquired throughout these years and that today I want to share. I know that I still have a lot to travel on this journey, but what’s been traveled until now is very valuable. My intention is that, what took me some years to find and understand, can be shared here in a simple, easy, and effective way. From practical examples such as circles, games, songs, or a Christmas recipe, to the deepest reflections of the foundations, you can find them in a clear and dynamic way. And at the same time, this site aspires to be a place of exchange, where everyone can, besides enter and visit the website, add and share more material and personal experiences.

And from this point, surely a new journey will begin to unfold.

With gratitude,